ShipManifest CKAN

Ship Manifest is a tool to manage your ship's "things".

License: CC BY-NC-CA 4.0

Game Version: 1.11.0

Downloads: 115,022

Authors: Papa_Joe, micha

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 369

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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Note to ShipManifest Users

PapaJoe has gone MIA, so I (Micha) have (temporarily) taken over maintenance of this mod. More details can be found in the forum post.

Ship Manifest

Ship Manifest is a tool to manage your ship's "things".

I originally started with Crew Manifest as a basis for this work. My great thanks go out to vXSovereignXv for creating Crew Manifest, and Sarbian for contributions to and continuing maintenance of Crew Manifest.

I've now re-imagined it into Ship Manifest, It does what crew manifest does, only better, plus a whole lot more. Ship Manifest moves crew, Science and Resources around from part to part within your ship or station. It also manages docked vessel refueling, hatches, deployable Solar Panels, antennas and lights. Kinda like your Ship's bridge...

Ship Manifest has a LOT of flexibility and a lot of Options. So much is available that is NOT seen in a default installation (Realism mode set ON by default) that you may be missing a lot of what SM has to offer. Please go to the Settings Window to see what options are available, and play with them. You will be surprised at the number of features that exist in this tool. I believe in choice, so you can configure SM to be pretty much exactly what you want. You want a "realistic" experience? Check. You want to be a god and chafe at realism mode restrictions? Check.

I also invite suggestions for things you would like to see.

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.0

Released on 2020-12-30

Version - Release 30 Dec 2020 - KSP 1.11.0

  • New: recompiled for KSP 1.11
  • New: added chinese translation (thanks to Grassland-CN)
  • Fixed: Kerbal EVA when part has no IVA (fixes #7)
  • Changed: retargeted to DotNet 4.6.1

Download (692.51 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.10.1

Released on 2020-06-14

Version - Release 14 Jun 2020 - KSP 1.9.1

  • New: Show Applicants in Roster Window and allow editing/hiring them
  • New: added space-suit selection to Edit Kerbal
  • New: added veteran checkbox to Edit Kerbal
  • New: added a way to detect and fix broken Kerbals in the roster window (fixes #2)
  • New: added german translation
  • Fixed: KIS inventory transfers correctly again when moving a single crew member (partially fixes #21)
  • Fixed: Refactored and fixed some of the parts highlighting. Target parts should be correctly highlighted again.
  • Fixed: several null reference exceptions

Download (687.15 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.9.1

Released on 2020-03-26

  • Recompiled for KSP 1.8 and later

Link to full changelog.

Download (678.55 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5

Released on 2018-03-18

Version - Release 17 Mar 2018 - KSP 1.4.x Edition - New: Recompiled for KSP 1.4.x compatibility. - Fixed: Bug in Selected Target Mouseover. CLS Target Crew Part was incorrect color. Git Issue #53 - Fixed: Updated icon graphics to restore quality after Unity update in KSP. Increased image sizes to 128 x 128 px (Git Issue #52) - Fixed: Sometimes the Manifest window will not appear. Git Issue #49 - Fixed: gain/loss of resource(s) in transfers. (thanks to Arivald Ha'gel for the PR #48!) - Fixed: RT antennas not appearing in the control window. PR #48 - Fixed: Kopernicus Solar panel detection problem (Git Issue #47) PR #48 - Fixed: Correct version file data to agree with release version. Git Issue #46

Download (671.98 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0

Released on 2017-07-17

Version - Release 17 Jul 2017 - Vessel to Vessel Edition

  • New: Added Docked vessel to vessel Crew transfers!
  • New: Added Docked Vessels Control panel. View your docked vessels, Rename a vessel, and undock a vessel with a click of a button.
  • New: Added option to vessel to vessel Crew transfers to limit crew xfr list to tourists only. Space tourism awaits!
  • New: Added ability to create Tourists from Roster Window.
  • New: Spanish localization added. Thanks to Fitiales!
  • Misc: refactored vessel detection for vessel to vessel transfers, it was not behaving as exected.
  • Misc: A bit of refactoring on highlighting, as it was not behaving as expected
  • Misc: Increased base volume of crew movement sound files.

Download (648.00 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0

Released on 2017-06-02

Version - Release 01 Jun 2017 - KSP 1.3 Compatibility Edition

  • Fixed: Error in scrollviewer dimensions refactor. reversed height and width.
  • Fixed: Minor boundary detection error with mouseover highlighting. The visible button list window boundaries were not completely respected.

Download (631.64 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0

Released on 2017-06-01

Version - Release 31 May 2017 - KSP 1.3 Compatibility Edition

  • Fixed: compatibility with latest DeepFreeze. Freeze action from Roster Window was failing.
  • Fixed: Some localization was not complete. Added additional tags for text not caught in first pass.
  • Fixed: Highlighting of parts was occurring outside the boundaries of the scroll windows.
  • Misc: Cleaned up text rendering in general. Converted to consistent use of C# string interpolation across mod.
  • Misc: Cleaned up some code style issues. I've been wanting to do this for a while, so KSP 1.3 was a good time to do it. This affected the SMWrapper.cs class for modders, and may break your mod.
    If you use this or reflection to access SM, some methods had capitization changes.
    Ex: SM... was replaced with Sm... get... was replaced with Get... Nothing is gone, just "altered" :)

Download (631.53 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0

Released on 2017-05-27

Version - Release 26 May 2017 - KSP 1.3 Compatibility Edition

  • New: Implemented Localization system. Now it is possible to translate SM into other languages.
  • New: Realism Settings Refactor. Realism Mode is redefined and easier to use; settings are now more granular.
  • New: - Added Radio switch for realism Categories: Full, None, Default, Custom.
  • New: - Added new setting to the Realism Tab "Realistic Control". This affects ship control window and uncontrolled resource transfers.
  • New: - Added new setting to the Realism Tab "Enable Roster Modifications". Affects Roster actions Create, Add, Edit, Remove, and Respawn.
  • New: - Added new setting to Realism Tab. "Realistic Transfers". This affects Transfer features for crew, science and resources.
  • New: Added several new tooltips in the Mod. Cleaned/updated up several others.
  • New: Refactored Vessel to Vessel transfers. Now separates multiple vessels originating from the same launch.
  • Fixed: Selecting a resource in the Manifest Window triggered an enumeration error.
  • Fixed: Crew respawn was always allowed. Should be disabled for Realism. Roster actions are now impacted by Enable Roster Modifications setting.
  • Fixed: Issue with multiple instances of SMAddon class loading when changing scenes.
  • Fixed: Roster and Settings windows continued to be displayed even when Pause Menu or Hide UI is on.
  • Fixed: Manifest and other windows disappeared in flight under certain conditions (when staging/part destruction occurs).
  • Fixed: Antennas not properly working. Post fix RemoteTech support is not yet confirmed.
  • Fixed: Part highlighting on mouseover of part selection button was broken. Bug introduced when I refactored highlighting awhile ago.
  • Fixed: Sound file changes were not taking immediate effect. Scene change was required. Github Issue #25
  • Fixed: Resource totals not preserved during Transfers. Github Issue: #36
  • Fixed: Resource Transfers exhibited incorrect stop button behavior with Target to source transfers.
  • Fixed: Tourists could go EVA, and should not. Github Issue: #37
  • Fixed: ToolTips displayed even when SM interface is not. Github Issue: #38
  • Fixed: ToolTips not properly updating on Xfer button. Github Issue: #39
  • Fixed: Crew Xfers between full parts failing under certain circumstances. Github Issue #40

Download (631.47 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2017-01-29

Version - Release 29 Jan 2017 - KSP 1.2.2 Compatibility Edition

  • Fixed: Object not found error in ModDockedVessels Get LaunchID. now properly returns a 0 if the underlying object is null.

Download (624.78 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2017-01-17

Version - Release 16 Jan 2017 - KSP 1.2.2 Compatibility Edition

  • New: Refactored for KSP 1.2.2
  • Fixed: Enumeration error when opening or closing more than one hatch at the same time.
  • Fixed: Respawn Kerbal fails. Github issue # 35.
  • Fixed: Opening/closing hatches via a part's tweakable doesn't properly update the transfer windows xfer/eva buttons when CLS spaces change.
  • Fixed: Fill buttons do not have tooltips. Can be confusing as to their behavior.
  • Fixed: Part level fill buttons do not behave as expected by users. Should not be available in flight with realism on.
  • Fixed: Roster and Settings Icons sometimes appear in flight scene. Should only be in Space Center Scene.
  • Fixed: Highlighting is disabled temporarily when hatches are opened and closed.
  • Fixed: Resource selection in the Manifest window is behaving erratically. Resources are disappearing in the display when multiple selections are made.
  • Fixed: Vessel to vessel transfers are failing with an NRE in ShipManifest.SMVessel.UpdateDockedVessels.
  • Fixed: Sometimes crew transfers do not work.

Download (624.71 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1

Released on 2016-11-16

Version - Release 15 Nov 2016 - KSP 1.2.1 Compatibility Edition

  • Fixed: Create Kerbal fails.
  • Fixed: Rename Kerbal changes do not show up after change.
  • Fixed: Removed Mod Button from Settings Window. Was there in error.

Download (624.36 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1

Released on 2016-11-15

Version - Release 14 Nov 2016 - KSP 1.2.1 Compatibility Edition

  • New: Refactored mod for KSP 1.2.x Compatibility
  • New: Added support for new events in Crew Transfer, allowing improved performance and customization of Full Part messages during Stock Crew Transfers.
  • New: Corrected supported versions in the Developer Notes and Installation Notes. (Git Issue #30)
  • New: Added support for switching "Allowing Unrestricted Crew Transfers" in CLS so that SM and CLS do not compete for control over Stock Transfers.
  • New: Added a setting in the Settings window to enable/disable overriding CLS CrewTransfer setting.
  • Removed: Mods Tab in Control Window. Installed mods is now availabe from the KSP Debug window (Alt F12)
  • Fixed: SM windows were not always closing on scene changes.
  • Fixed: Resource Dumps from the Manifest window would cause any previously clicked dump to initiate when another was clicked.

Download (624.36 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-08-22

Version - Release 21 Aug, 2016 - KSP 1.1.3 Optimization Edition.

  • New: Tweak of tooltips to make them more readable. changed style and added border.
  • New: Refactored code to ensure explicit variable type assignments.
  • New: Additional refactoring for performance and improved garbage collection.
  • Fixed: Crew transfers were incorrectly playing Pumping sounds.
  • Fixed: Corrected a logic error in Crew Transfers that caused crew swaps in parts that have a crew capacity greater than their internal seat count. SM now properly supports "Standing Room Only Transfers".

Download (623.52 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-07-25

Version - Release 24 Jul, 2016 - KSP 1.1.3 Optimization Edition.

  • Fixed: Enumeration error on kerbal action in Roster Window. Moved action to outside enumerator, so change to list does not throw error.
  • Fixed: Button widths were incorrect in Manifes and Transfer window part selectors under certain realism and configuration settings.

Download (622.63 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-07-21

Version - Release 21 Jul, 2016 - KSP 1.1.3 Optimization Edition.

  • New: Added option to enable Crew Fills and Dumps Vessel Wide during Pre-Flight . Off by default. Works the same as Resource fill and dump.
  • New: Refactored Part level Crew Fill and Dumps. Now shows up in the Transfer Window in Preflight when CrewPreflight setting is on, or anytime when Realism is off
  • New: Significant refactoring to improve overall performance.
  • Fixed: Revised erroneous tooltip messages for Renaming kerbals and enabling Profession changes. These are now enabled by default and supported by the stock game.
  • Fixed: Now SM properly detects and notes changes in USI inflatable crewable modules

Download (622.49 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-07-13

Version - Release 12 Jul, 2016 - KSP 1.1.3 Compatibility Edition.

  • New: ¬†Added ability to initiate EVA from Crew Transfer Window in Realism mode when CLS prevents an internal Transfer.
  • Fixed: Occasional nullref exceptions when loading a vessel in method UpdateDockedVessels.

Download (625.82 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-07-08

Version - Release 08 Jul, 2016 - KSP 1.1.3 Compatibility Edition.

  • New: Implemented Disabling of Stock Crew Transfer system using Realism setting "Enable Stock Crew Transfer". When set to off, Stock Crew transfer buttons no longer appear.

Download (625.68 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-07-08

Version - Release 07 Jul, 2016 - KSP 1.1.3 Compatibility Edition.

  • Fixed: NulRef errror with DeepFreeze installed and a frozen kerbal in RosterListViewer.
  • Fixed: (maybe) Window display issues during launch and stage separation, explosion of ship.
  • New: SM window can now be displayed in IVA and in Map mode.
  • New: Added logging to output.log. this will make the output.log more useful for troubleshooting. Captures all log entries, verbose or not.
  • New: Refactored Highlighting to clean up FPS issue. Now causes significantly less impact to frame rate.
  • New: Refactored Stock Crew Transfer Beahavior. When override is on, changes to KSP 1.1.3 now allow capturing transfer before it occurs.

Download (625.50 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-05-15

Version - Release 14 May, 2016 - KSP 1.1.2 Compatability Update

  • New: Updated mod to support KSP 1.1.2.
  • New: Updated screen maeeages to use new object model.

Download (625.37 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.1

Released on 2016-04-06

Version - Release 05 Apr, 2016 - KSP 1.1 Compatability Update PreRelease

  • New: Updated code to run on KSP 1.1
  • New: Modified screen message displays to account for channges to the object model. SM screen messages are wip.

Download (625.75 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

Released on 2016-03-15

Version - Release 14 Mar, 2016 - Bug fixes and APIs

  • New: Removed DFInterface.dll. Added Reflection based Wrapper class source code for integration with DeepFreeze.
  • New: Removed SMInterface.dll. Replaced by SMWrapper, which is also a reflection based wrapper for developer use with SM.
  • Fixed: Crew movement issues with DeepFreeze.
  • Fixed: Roster Window does not display correctly with DeepFreeze installed.
  • Fixed: EVA kerbals causing a null ref bug and duplicating kerbals. This fix requires the latest version of Deepfreeze (V0.20.4.0) if you use it with SM.

Download (625.44 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

Released on 2016-03-07

Version - Release 07 Mar, 2016 - Massive Refactoring Edition. NEW! Realism Mode - Multiple simultaneous transfers & dumps.

  • New: Added Volume controls in the sound tab of the Settings Window. They had long been in the settings file, but not in the UI. I don't know why...
  • New: Science Transfers: Added ability to process unprocessed in science labs. Git Issue #14
  • Fixed: Windows disappear on settings save.
  • Fixed: Windows disappear on window resolution changes.
  • Fixed: Vessel Transfers were not visible.
  • Fixed: Transfers were not behaving properly.
  • Fixed: Transfer souncds continue playing afer transfer complete.
  • Fixed: Science Tooltips (and others) scrolling off screen on long lists. Git Issue #18

Download (622.64 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

Released on 2016-02-22

Version - Release 22 Feb, 2016 - Massive Refactoring Edition. NEW! Realism Mode - Multiple simultaneous transfers & dumps.

  • New: Added ability queue transfers in realism mode. you may now start and stop multiple transfers and or dumps simultaneously, with the Vessel, Docked Vessels, individual parts or a selected group of parts. Fuel Depot anyone?
  • New: Added ability to dump resources in flight in realism mode. Dump process follows flow rate rules. Dumps cannot be stopped/reversed. per forum discussions, this process is assumed to impart a zero thrust component upon the vessel.
  • New: Massive refactor and reorgainization of code (nothing was left untouched). A tremendous amount of work for very little visible effect except maybe performance :). Sets the foundation for easier to manage/enhance code.
  • New: Added build package automation and distribution.
  • New: Removed need for DFInterface.dll. Now using new reflection class method for soft dependency to DeepFreeze.
  • Fixed: In realism Mode, during Preflight, Fill and dump kerbals vessel wide was enabled. Now disabled when Realism is on.
  • Fixed: Corrected nested control displays in settings.
  • Fixed: Corrected Errors with tooltip displays and tooltip settings. Tooltips would show on certain windows when disabled in settings.
  • Fixed: Corrected staging error where SM cannot be displayed during launch.

Download (621.70 KiB)

Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

Released on 2016-02-20

Version - Release 12 Nov, 2015 - KSP 1.0.5 Edition.

  • New: Native Kerbal Renaming and Profession Management! The old hash hack is gone! KSP 1.0.5 now supports native kerbal profession managment, so kerbal profession now saves to game save. Updated SM to use new trait attribute of the kerbal object. Also supports old game saves. Cleans up old game save automatically, if profession management is ON in settings (now the default)
  • New: Added Crew Dump/Fill at part level in Transfer Window, when vessel is in a recoverable state and realism is off.
  • New: based on feedback, expanded science tooltips to be more useful.
  • Fixed: Correct a window position loading error on MAC machines.
  • Fixed: Correct issues and deeper integration with DeepFreeze. (Thanks JPLRepo!)
  • Fixed: Tooltip display issues with screen boundary

Download (615.53 KiB)

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