Solaris Hypernautics CKAN

Latest in virtual particle, magnetic, and nuclear technologies!

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 1.3.0

Downloads: 23,610

Author: Carbonjvd

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 58

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

So what do these tiny particles have to offer when I already have nuclear engines and warp drives? Well, for one these babies don't require the power budget of a small country, though plenty of power is still advised. These drives don't use exhaust so you'll never have to worry about accidently blasting away those fragile solar panels! Electricity is the only thing you need to keep the whole system running, so no more running out of fuel or need for mining!

How do I use this crazy new technology?! Easy as one-two-three! One: Generate them via a Virtugenic (and a lot of power). Two: Store it in a Stasis Tank. Three: Propel your ship with it! Told you it's as easy as one-two-three!

I heard that you've expanded beyond virtual particles, what else is there?! Glady you asked! We now also have a wide range of parts that utilize the exotic reaches of magnetic fields and dust, yes dust! Our scientists and witch doctors have devised ways to make dust useful like getting xenon out of it or compressing it into ore, which is actually useful. For our line of magnetic fields research, mostly from our bored co-workers playing with the fridge magnets in the break room, we've figured out how harness their power as an ablative to keep systems cool! How cool is that?! Thanks to some serious work with an unmentioned scientist, we've devised even more ways to get power from various resources, nuclear power here we come!

I'm sold, so what parts does this pack actually have?

  • Industrial Nuclear Facilities for refining ore into blutonium.
  • Advanced Grabbers for more options to attach to asteroids.
  • Stasis Tanks for storing virtual particles.
  • Virtugenics for generating virtual particles using lots of power.
  • Kannae Drives for moving vessels and probes using only virtual particles and some serious power.
  • Side Adaptor for attaching things on the side.
  • Virtual Ore Reactors for powering things from ore and virtual particles, the bigger one even has a backup reactor that uses xenon instead of ore.
  • Catalytic Engines for higher thrust rocket propulsion and the ability to draw dust from any atmosphere.
  • Magnetic Drag Array for atmospheric entry with huge vessels, uses its magnetic charge as an ablative, has a built-in SAS system and cooling system.
  • Nuclear Jet Engines for travel through an atmosphere without having to worry about needing oxygen.
  • Retro-Propulsive Unit for a heat shield and an engine all in one part, uses it magnetic charge as an ablative.
  • Nuclear Plasma Engine for when need the absolute biggest space borne propulsion using liquid fuel and electricity.
  • Ionic Plasma Thruster for when don't need a monster engine, but a modest propulsion using liquid fuel and electricity.
  • Magnetic Cooling Unit for dropping the temperature at the cost of power, perfect for fighting overheating.
  • Virtual Dust Containment Tanks for storing dust and virtual particles, though the compression requires constant power or it'll leak virtual particles.
  • Spherical Dust Tanks for storing dust and only dust.
  • Dust Accumulator for gathering dust in any environment over time, but requires constant power to keep the magnetic trapping field up.
  • Dust Processing Unit for extracting xenon from dust or compressing dust into ore, both using a lot of power at the risk of slight overheating.
  • Nuclear Reactors for using ore and a bit of electricity to produce a ton of power, but it tends to overheat so make sure to use the built-in cooling system that also takes power.
  • Nuclear Forge for producing power like a reactor but can also transynthesize virtual particles directly into dust, also has a cooling system built-in.
  • Thermal RCS for maneuvering massive ships without then need for an army of normal RCS thrusters.
  • Spectrometer for getting an area's composition to get some juicy science.
  • Virtugenic Refinery for processing dust into more ore and converting dust into virtual particles.
  • Dust Ring for higher speed drawing in of dust.
  • Solar Wind Panel for truely passive dust collection from the Sun.
  • Micropulsed Magnetic Drive for high efficiency burst of acceleration at the cost of endurance.
  • Zurbin Nuclear Drive for massive propulsion on par with the Indominus in and out of the atmosphere.
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