Textures Unlimited Default Stock Config - Unofficial CKAN

Module manager .CFG that enables Textures Unlimited for all stock parts, including IVA's.

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.4.3

Downloads: 6,908

Author: 0_0_1

Followers: 51

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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Installation: Place in your /GameData/ folder alongside Module Manager and the Textures Unlimited mod.

Textures Unlimited will likely warn you about OpenGL, it still looks amazing without it, so you can ignore the warning, but obviously, as always, F5 your stuff.

HighRes Album

MediumRes Album

This CFG changes the stock part textures only. Very early release, has many metal parts that shouldnt be so. The rest, as you will see from the previews, looks glorious though.


Made for Textures Unlimited by Shadowmage, thanks man, you found the holy grail.

Full albums linked above, here are some previews:











Version 001 for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3

Released on 2018-04-29

No changelog provided

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