Docking camera (KURS) CKAN

Built-in cameras in every docking ports and standalone Camera for any place. Allows usage modes: "standart camera", "follow me", "look at current target" "look from target", "look at me" (from any point)

License: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 48,545

Author: linuxgurugamer

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So, what we have here. Docking-camera itself, which can be integrated to any part (MM patch enclosed for the docking port modules). It looks ahead by the vertical axis of the vessel's and displays a minimum of necessary info for the docking maneuver - namely, range, speed, angle, alignment and when the correct trajectory occured - time prior to docking with the mark that such trajectory will lead our vessel to dock without additional actions (small lamp will become green and will show time to docking). camera window has three size presets. It also has three viewing modes: color, Black and white and infrared. Powered zoom function. Also, there is a button to remove flight data from the screen. Furthermore, effect of television interference can be added. Via Blizzy toolbar button You can select 3 presets of shaders.

In addition the ugly external camera enclosed. It can show videostream only and also has three modes (track a target, look at me from target and follow me) of vision and is able to rotate on two axes. For cameras, installed under the belly of the aircraft (which gets inverted upside down) there is the mode of rotation of the image. I

All cameras have a title with its number, and also can work a few pieces at a time. Docking camera reporting its target on its window title.

The cameras can transmit the videostream to nearby (loaded) vessels, but only at a distance of up to 2 500 meters (default). But You can change distance to 10 000 m.

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