One Window CKAN

A simple addon to display, store, and organize onscreen messages

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.8.1

Source code: DMagic1/KSP_OneWindow

Downloads: 11,003

Author: DMagic

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 40

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

This addon provides a single window to store all of the screen messages that KSP displays.

There are four icons in the top-right corner that are used to select which messages to display based on their location on-screen:

  • Upper-left
  • Upper-right
  • Upper-center
  • Lower-center

A note on usage: it is recommended to leave the Lower-center messages disabled. Some of these (the fairings messages in the editor and the messages for EVA Kerbals interacting with ladders in particular) are handled somewhat differently by KSP and can result in numerous repeated messages being logged to the message window. This location is rarely used for important information.

All messages are logged and stored, even if their display is inactivated in the window, simply activate the desired message location and all messages will be displayed in order with the latest messages on top.

There are five icons in the top-left. The first three toggle additional information:

  • Message location icon
  • Message real time from your PC clock (time display format can be edited from the GameData/OneWindow/PluginData/Settings.cfg file using the TimeFormat line and standard C# time string formats)
  • KSP time and date

The forth icon controls whether messages are displayed in both the window and their standard on-screen location. If a particular message location is disabled (using the icons in the top-right), they will automatically display in their standard location on-screen.

The fifth icon is used to toggle the settings menu, shown along the bottom of the window. This menu has three functions:

  • A button to print all of the currently shown messages to the log file
  • A button to cycle through four different font sizes for the messages
  • A slider and button to adjust the UI scale for the window
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