Kerbalized SpaceX CKAN

A Small parts pack aiming to give players a chance to play with some spaceX inspired parts.

License: All Rights Reserved

Game Version: 1.3.1

Source code: jharri74/Dragon2

Downloads: 36,901

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Attention-This Update Requires a Fresh Install. Delete the oldvesion of this mod before installing the new one!

NEW Falcon Heavy update- Retractable Falcon heavy decoupler, Falcon fairing, falcon heavy interstage decoupler (2 versions), outside tanks for falcon heavy (2 versions).

IVA's require RPM and Asset props. Want to build the SpaceX BFR crew/cargo, Falcon 9, falcon heavy, etc.... without suffering from lag? This mod is for you! This mod is designed to help you save on part count big time. Be it docking ports to cargo bay's- every part is integrated with something (or multiple somethings) to help you lower your parts count. NEW update- Retractable Falcon heavy decoupler, Falcon fairing, falcon heavy interstage decoupler (2 versions), outside tanks for falcon heavy (2 versions)..... older stuff: dragon1 trunk and aerodynamic solar panel covers. Added four fuel tanks, an interstage decoupler, cluster of 9 merlin engines with multi-mode capability, merlin vacuum engine. You can now build the Kerbalized SpaceX falcon9 and Falcon9 FT. All Tanks include a small area at the top to store an RCS tank/battery/probe core. The upper stage tanks have built in decouplers. Added tweakscale for most things. SpaceX "BFR" Cargo and crew versions. Now contains a set of 31 raptor engines with multi mode capability, the upper engines also have multi mode capability. Also included are the fins, decoupler, rear docking port, and booster tank for the BFR. The second docking port is animated and intergrated into the BFR. One of the space bugs now have multi mode engines. Currently contains the Two Dragon1's (3.75m&2.5m), two Dragon V2(3.75m&2.5m),  The ITS Titan, two k9x "space bugs"(one meant for lunar missions, the other has a heat shield and atmospheric/rocket engines -you will need to add air intakes for now-), and the "BFR" command modules 3.75m and 7.5m. Their are also two trunks for the 3.75 dragonv2 and one trunk for the 2. version. The dragon V2 has an seven man IVA and custom ones for the other are in development. The docking ports on the pods are compatible with the stock clamp-o-tron. If you would like to follow the development of this mod you can check it out on the forums. LOOK AT VIDEO ON KSP FORUMS TO LEARN HOW THE 'BFR' WAS DESIGNED TO LAND

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