Fog Of Tech CKAN

Hides the nodes of the KSP Technology Tree that you are not able to research yet

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.2.2

Downloads: 15,056

Author: Ser

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Fog Of Tech

This little plugin hides the nodes of the KSP Technology Tree that you are not able to research yet. Without rendering the fog itself of course.

For some reason KSP developers decided to expose the entire technology tree at Research And Development facility since KSP 1.0. That spoils all the technologies that you will ever be able to research. This mod is for those who liked the 0.90 way of the tech tree rendering: you could only see techs that you are able to research or have already researched. That kept the intrigue of development through out the game.

There is also a tiny config file to affect the way how the technologies are hidden in the tree.

Usage: Just extract the contents of the zip into your GameData directory. By default the mod hides techs that are unresearchable yet and leaves the researchable ones visible (just like it was in KSP 0.90).

Configuration: One more thing you may complain about a stock tech tree design is that the technologies are becoming available to research when any of their parent technologies are researched. For example, to research Stability you need either Basic Rocketry OR Engineering 101. As if for invention of automobile it was sufficient to invent only a wheel or only an engine. You can change that in several ways:

  1. (Supported by the stock game and is not related to Fog Of Tech): For stock tree edit the KSP_Folder\GameData\Squad\Resources\TechTree.cfg and change every value of AnyParentToUnlock property from True to False. That means you'll need to research all of the parent technologies in order to research the particular one.

  2. You can just set parentTechsToShow=ALL in Fog Of Tech's configuration file. That will make the plugin just hide all the techs that haven't all of their parents researched without the need to edit stock tech tree.

The other possible value is ANY: with the default tech tree effect is the same to the default plugin action. But if there is a tech that requires all of its parents to be researched then it will be shown immediately after you research any tech that leads to it despite it is still unresearchable (see the title screenshot: Flight Control has been modified to be such node there).

Compatibility: Since the mod affects only the way of tech tree rendering it should be compatible with the most of custom tech tree mods.

For any questions, suggestions or bug reports please visit the official forum

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