AmpYear CKAN

The AmpYear Power Manager makes electricity more manageable.

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 1.11.1

Source code: JPLRepo/AmpYear

Downloads: 310,834

Author: Jplrepo

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 211

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.


Power Manager and Readout displays.
Reserve Power.
Emergency Shutdown Processing Computer (and restart)
Dark-side EC power usage calculations
Realistic EC power production simulation in the VAB/SPH
Part by part list of Power Consumption and Production at your fingertips.
NEW *Hightlight individual or groups or parts.

Power Manager
The manager function is attached to all probes and command pods through the power of Module Manager.
The Power Manager must be ON for all subsystems to activate/work, this includes RCS & SAS.
The AmpYear menu can be switched on/off via integration with Stock Toolbar or Toolbar.
Emergency Shutdown procedure - when All power is critical will activate solar panels (if attached and not in atmosphere) and shutdown non-essential parts using electricity.
Saves all settings and window positions per vehicle to persistent save file.
Gives %age indicators of Current Battery capacities, Electric Charge usage and generation. You can transfer charge from reserve to main batteries. Parts that produce electric charge will fill Main batteries first and then reserve batteries.
In the Editor and in Flight you can get indications of total power production and consumption of your vessel. You can also get a full list of all power production and consumption parts.
Includes Dark-Side calculations for celestial bodies providing EC required to transit teh dark-side of a selected body.
Provides Estimated Time Remaining readouts for Main and Reserve batteries.
Functions using stock toolbar or Blizzy's Toolbar (can be changed via Settings menu from the Space center).
Includes correct power calculations if you have the following Mods installed (but not required for mod to function): Near Future Electrical/Solar, KAS, RemoteTech, ScanSat, Telemachus, TAC LS, AntennaRange.
Ability to display Electrical Charge in Stock EC units or SI units.

Emergency Shutdown Processor * In the settings menu you can set a Power Percentage Shutdown level for High Medium and Low.
You can also set default priorities for supported modules in the settings menu.
Every part module in a vessel can be assigned a priority (High,Medium,Low), to override the default values.
You can select on an individual module level which parts you want included in ESP processing or not.
By default when power is re-gained within the vessel and the ESP was previously triggered to deactivate, then parts that were previously active will be automatically re-activated by the system progressively by priority as power returns to the vessel.
You can Execute ESP processing manually (manual override button in the GUI) which will cause all parts to be shutdown regardless of their priority setting and the current EC status.
ESP still only processes for the active vessel in flight mode. Planned future background processing is in the works.

Reserve Power
Attach special batteries to your ship to save power for emergencies. Ideal for keeping your probes from dying.
Power can be transferred to and from main and reserve power resources.
Electrical power generators (solar panels, etc) will re-charge main power followed by reserve power when a threshold is reached.
Reserve Power Battery Parts included in several sizes.

*Dark-Side Calculations. **
This allows you to select a Celestial Body, Input a Target Orbit height and AmpYear will calculate the dark-side period in Hours:Mins:Secs and also show you the amount of EC you would require to run all vessel parts that consume EC for that period.

All AmpYear functions will now continue to run during timewarp up to timestep 7x. Then AmpYear will hibernate. This is due to a bug in electriccharge generation in KSP at high timewarp.
A Warning Pop-up will appear and stop warp if the ElectricCharge falls below a set percentage (configurable via the spacecenter window).

Show Crew
* This to show the crew and their roles rather than having to switch to the map view all the time.

An additional (optional) add-on to AmpYear. Go here for the details.

Supported Mods:
Ampyear Recognises and supports Electrical Usage by parts distributed by other mods in this list below. If you would like to see your favourite mod supported drop me a line: * Aviation Lights
Near Future Electrical
Near Future Solar
Near Future Propulsion * Remote Tech
USI LS / USI all * Telemachus
Antenna Range
KSP Interstellar
* Realism Overhaul * DSEV

This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC.
If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available.
Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent.
For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin

Install Instructions Dependency: You must have installed (INCLUDED in this package). Module Manager

Toolbar - is OPTIONAL.
Completely delete AmpYear folder from gamedata before updating from a previous version.

If you also want KabinKraziness go here.
If you are looking for the ION RCS parts that used to be part of this mod go here.

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