Tarsier Space Technology with Galaxies Continued... CKAN

Tarsier Space Technology - Space Telescopes, Galaxies, ChemCam surface analyser, Science Storage Drives and Contracts

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.12.2

Downloads: 206,341

Author: Jplrepo

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.


Tarsier Space Technology is a set of parts with enhanced science capability.

I have taken over maintenance and expansion of is mod built on e original by tobyb12, who has disappeared from the KSP scene since September 2014. His original releases can be found here

Download ZIP file and un-zip into your KSP install Directory.
Optional: Requires Module Manager for KIS, KAS and Research bodies support (not in this distribution, use this link).
Optional: ToolBar by Blizzy for Toolbar Support, comes pre-configured for in-game AppLauncher Icon support.
KIS if you want to use it (optional).
ResearchBodies if you want to use it (optional).
CRITICAL When installing over older versions please DELETE the old TarsierSpaceTech folder from your GameData folder manually first.

[[http://imgur.com/a/tinKd#0]] Parts:
ChemCam - Analyse the surface of planets by shooting them with lasers.
Space Telescopes - Peer deep into the solar system and now to distant galaxies
* Science Storage Drive - Store science in storage drives to maximise your science points.

Analyse the surfaces of planets using a high powered laser.
Uses biomes where available.
Save your images to share on the forums!! (now saves in two sizes, camera size and Full Screen).
Fully integrated into the tech tree.
* Will Generate contracts for collection of data from different biomes in Career games.

Space Telescopes
Look deep into the Kerbol system (you can see to Eeloo and beyond from the comfort of Kerbin orbit)!!
Science experiments depend on what you're actually looking at!! (I welcome suggestions on experiment results).
Target cross-hairs to help find distant planets and galaxies.
Save your images to share on the forums!! (now saves in two sizes, camera size and Full Screen).
Servos for fine control (use I,J,K,L to look around).
Extra info displayed on what telescope is looking at.
Can collect science from EVA and transfer to command pods.
Two telescopes with different zoom capability integrated into the science tree.
Look at distant galaxies and take photos of them for science.
Will Generate contracts for collection of pictures from each body in the Kerbol system and beyond in Career games.

Science Storage Drives
Store science data on storage drives to maximise science value.
Don't need to save up electricity to transmit data home.
2 great sizes: 120 Mits and 480 Mits.
Can collect and STORE data in EVA.
* Now supports KAS and KIS (Must have Module Manager installed for this).

Known Issue. 32-bit game engine Floating point arithmetic errors.

Tips for taking pictures: * Here is the approach I use which seems to work fairly well.
Target the object you want to photograph using the map view or using the bodies/galaxy lists from the Camera window.
Switch on autopilot 'SAS' and set it to 'Target' mode. this will roughly align you with the target.
Switch on the highlight target option in the window will help you to find the object. Wait until the SAS has settled down.
Once its roughly aligned change the autopilot to 'Hold' mode. This reduces wobble a LOT.
Now fine tune your zoom and using the fine tuning servos attached to the telescope using the translate keys, I,J,K,L.
Take your picture.
If you still have wobble issues doing this method, you can try also using timewarp quickly forward one step and back to normal time. This will stop the jitter briefly (as timewarp disables physics). Or, you can try adjusting the Fine Tuning of the Gyro wheels and SAS PID controllers (as per V5.4.1 update).
The issue also varies depending on your vessel location, the location of the object you are looking at, how far it is away from you, the relative speed of the target object and your telescope.
Hope this helps. I will continue to investigate other ways to help reduce this game limitation.
For a good read on WHY this happens you can start here.

This mod support KSP-AVC for a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin

** ResearchBodies Integration
If ResearchBodies mod is installed then:-
Telescope and ChemCam contracts will NOT generate for bodies that have yet to be discovered.
If you take a picture with a Telescope of a body that is yet to be discovered AND transmit/recovery it, it will become discovered.
Pictures taken of un-discovered bodies will display as "Unknown Body" in the science experiement review window. * Subsequent pictures taken and transmitted/recovered of a already discovered body will add 20 research to that body.
The TST Telescopes act the same as the ResearchBodies telescope, IE:they have the Research button in their right click menu and will discover bodies they are pointed at in the same way as the ResearchBodies telescope does.
* The TST GUI camera-window "Show Bodies" list will NOT show un-discovered bodies or galaxies.

For support refer to the Mod website (forum thread).

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