Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered CKAN

Alternis, the Kerbal God of Change and Difference, has decided to smite the hell out of the Kerbol System. Update and Revamp of NovaSilisko's classic 0.23 mod.

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Version: 1.7.3

Downloads: 20,662

Author: GregroxMun

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Remember to delete old versions of the mod before installing an update

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE INCOMPATIBLE VISUAL MODS (see section on forum post on Visual Mods for more detail. Short version: AKR has its own visuals, just install Scatterer and the E.V.E. plugin [Not BoulderCo, just EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements])

Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered is the re-release of the classic, wonderful, beautiful v0.23 mod for KSP: Alternis Kerbol. It grabs and re-arranges the solar system bodies to create something new. Almost all bodies have been changed somehow, be it in a large way or a small way.

^(Pkmniako's terrific infographic of the system.


  • Jool: Moved to Kerbin's original orbital position, blu-ified.
  • Bop: Turned into a tiny little subsatellite of Kerbin.
  • Pol: Inclination lowered, made into a lumpy rubble pile.
  • Kerbin: Now orbits Jool at the same place Tylo used to. New terrain.
  • Eve: Yellow, ringed, and shrunk to 670km radius, 1.12 G.
  • Laythe: Redone entirely, now a jungle moon with varied terrain, more land, and trees. (Panspermia's a heckuva thing.)
  • Minmus: Orbits Jool beneath Laythe, now 29km in radius (from 60), and deep reddish orange.
  • Tylo: Orbits the sun a bit past Duna's original orbit, radius increased to 1103 km and surface gravity is 4g, plus an atmosphere no more than 80% the density of Kerbin's.
  • Duna: Orbits Tylo, completely new terrain.
  • Moho: Orbit moved inward and made more eccentric, turned red and given a hot atmosphere and the, well, original Mohole.
  • Gilly: Small comet, shrunk to 8.5km radius.
  • Ike: Fat comet, shrunk to 17.5km radius.
  • Mun: Relocated to Jool orbit, replacing Vall, enlarged to 257km radius. New terrain.
  • Vall: Now orbits Eeloo, shrunk to 99.8 km radius. Totally new terrain.
  • Eeloo: Moved outward, increased to ~500 km radius, less eccentric and inclined orbit. Totally new terrain.
  • Dres: First moon of Tylo. New, heavily cratered terrain.
  • Lighting: Ambient light now nonexistent in space, dimmer on planet surfaces. Sun is slightly reddish-yellow and casts a harsh, warmer light.
  • Sun: Shrunk to 7500km, gravity increased to keep planetary speeds the same.
  • General: Most orbits have at least some inclination and eccentricity now, as opposed to being perfect circles like the Kerbin system. All atmospheres are defined realistically using OhioBob's calculator.
  • Science: Science configs have been made for all modified bodies, and many bodies have modified science multipliers.
  • Mods: Compatibility for PlanetShine, Kopernicus Expansion Rekerjiggered, Distant Object Enhancement, Outer Planets Mod, Kronometer, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Scatterer, and Principia.

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