Former SETI-BalanceMod. Introduces (non realism overhaul) balance to KSP. Best installed via CKAN, just select it there and it will recommend all the other mods which are supported by it.

License: restricted

Game Version: 1.3.0

Downloads: 80,862

Authors: Y3mo, Yemo

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 62

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

For more information and support, please visit the SETI Forum thread.

Part & Science rebalancing - SETI-BalanceMod

  • Action groups available from the start, fixed cosmonaut costs, higher contract limit (needs CustomBarnKit)

  • Some part rebalancing to fit the probes first progression eg rebalanced RemoteTech dishes, probe core rebalances

  • New Parts and textures, mainly by LordAurelius (HRB, SurfaceSampler) and SwGustav (Procedural Textures) + procedural probe core and lightweight airplane cockpit

  • Simple science experiments (eg thermometer) can be transmitted for 100%, recovery yields 100% for all experiments

  • MaterialsBay and MysteryGoo can not be collected for balancing reasons, but can be reset by scientists (for multi-use, if you transmit)

  • MaterialsBay and MysteryGoo have different masses, sizes and science payouts, use the StationScience Cyclotron, if you want to transmit for 100%

  • Fuel tank & SRB rebalancing along the lines of procedural parts

  • Some other rebalances, eg more EC storage in command parts






//---by Yemo---\


//---License: All Rights Reserved,

//---Except for mod specific config files and parts, and the redistributed plugins/mods, which follow the original licenses as stated here and their respective threads:


//---This mod redistributes the plugin ModuleManager by ialdabaoth and sarbian under CC share-alike license:

//---The KSP-AVC plugin by cybutek is redistributed under the GNU General Public License:

//---The CommunityTechTree by Nertea (Chris Adderley) is redistributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license:

//---It also builds upon the configs and textures of ProceduralParts( by swamp_ig, jsimmonds, Chestburster, Dante80, Tiberion, OtherBarry, NathanKell, e-dog and Ancient Gammoner under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.



//---Procedural Stack Decoupler Textures by SwGustav

//---Hybrid Rocket Booster by Lord Aurelius:

//---Procedural Probe Core heavily based on config by SwGustav

//---Telemetry probe experiment, Barometer biome switch and Surface Sample part from StockScienceTweaks by Lord Aurelius:

//---Various TechTree configs by theonegalen

//---Various compatibility configs by Shaggygoblin, Nori, Rybec, Rokanov


//---Patrons (via Patreon:

//---Aelios, nobodyhasthis2, eupraxo, 3 anonymous on KSP forum,



//---Please visit the forum thread for install instructions, a progression overview and more information:

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