Basic DeltaV CKAN

A simple addon to provide DeltaV and related info while in the VAB/SPH

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 1.8.1

Downloads: 50,020

Author: DMagic

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 107

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Basic DeltaV replaces and improves upon the stock dV system.

All stock deltaV calculations are replaced using a modified version of the Kerbal Engineer Redux vessel simulator.

The allows for several improvements and additions to the stock system:

  • Mach slider used to allow for accurate calculation of jet engine data at flight speeds
  • Improved reference body list in the dV toolbar app
  • Persistent atmospheric reference settings in the VAB and SPH
  • RCS dV values
  • Engine torque values
  • On screen TWR gauge to show current max TWR in a log scale slider gauge
  • dV values for each stage shown as a slider
  • Improvement performance for dV calculations
  • Significantly reduced garbage memory allocations

This mod uses the vessel simulator code from Kerbal Engineer Redux. You can expect the information to be the same as that provided by KER and for the same limitations to apply. Please do not post bug reports for KER when using Basic DeltaV unless they can be independently replicated in KER.

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