Warbird Cockpits CKAN

ASET IVAs for mod and stock cockpits!

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 10,549

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 36

Currently includes Vintage KN-2 and Warbird Mk1 Inline IVAs, as well as a few extra cfgbashed parts I've found useful. Also IVAs for Airplane Plus and SXT cockpits.

If you prefer SI units for your instruments, rename warbirdSI.txt in GameData/Galen/WarbirdCockpits to WarbirdSI.cfg



  • Kerbonov by Sam Hall. Required for Vintage KN-2.
  • Firespitter (dll and Props folder) by Snjo and RoverDude. Required for Vintage controls in KN-2 cockpit.
  • Airplane Plus by blackheart612
  • Near Future Props by Nertea. Adds additional decorative props to Mk2 Inline cockpit and crew cabins.
  • Tiktaalik Dreaming Props by TiktaalikDreaming. Adds additional decorative props to Mk2 Inline cockpit and crew cabins.
  • KAX by keptin and SpannerMonkey
  • SXT Continued by Lack and linuxgurugamer.
  • Speed Unit Changer by Ittito. The readouts on the gauges are in Imperial units (feet and mph rather than meters and m/s), and Speed Unit Changer can make the UI readouts in the same units as well. NOTE this is not compatible with modern KSP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I play way too much FSX, so these cockpits are meant to be slightly more realistic than most KSP cockpits. The instruments WILL NOT WORK if you do not connect your battery and have electric charge on your vehicle, and various instruments have a chance to give screwy results if you don't turn on the pitot heat.

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