Contract Reward Modifier

An in-game utility for customizing all contract and parameter rewards and penalties, among other options.

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.8.1

Downloads: 117,452

Author: DMagic

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Contract Reward Modifier



People, and Info

Authors and Contributors

DMagic: Author and maintainer

TriggerAu: Contract Reward Modifier uses a version of TriggerAu's KSP Plugin Framework


The code is released under the MIT license; all art assets are released under the CC-BY-SA license


  • What does Contract Reward Modifier do?
    • It allows you to customize the reward and penalty values for each contract and parameter type.
    • You can limit the number of contracts of each type offered; or prevent any from appearing.
    • All values can be set and modified through an in-game user interface.
  • Does CRM support contracts from other addons?
    • All contract and parameter types are accessed upon startup; any types from other addons will be detected.
    • Contract Configurator contracts require some special handling and cannot be completely blocked, but are otherwise supported.
  • Can values be set for each save file?
    • Yes. Default values are set using the included config file (which can be changed and saved in-game), but any save file can set its own reward and penalty values; these will supercede values from the config file.
  • I don't want another icon cluttering up the toolbar or an in-game interface, can this still be used?
    • Yes. The toolbar icons can be completely removed (a field in the config file can be used to reset them); the values can be set in-game to your liking, then you can remove the toolbar icons.
    • There is another option, only available in the config file, that will disable all save-specific settings. All values will be set entirely using the config file.

Usage instructions

The Contract Reward Modifier window presents a set of sliders that allow for changes to all contract and parameter reward amounts, as well as several other options.

Contract and Parameter Type Selection

  • At the top of the window are two drop down buttons that allow for the selection of different contract and parameter types.
    • A special Global Settings selection is available for both Contract and Parameter Types.
    • Values can be set with the sliders under the global settings; these will be applied to all Contract/Parameter Types after pushing the Apply To All button.
  • All addon contract and parameter types should be available here.
  • Contract Configurator types are pushed to the bottom of the list to avoid any potential spoilers revealed by contract names.


Rewards and Penalties sliders

  • The sliders below control the amount given for each different reward and penalty type.
  • Strategy values are not directly affected by these sliders, i.e. setting science to 0.1% won't affect the science rewards given while using the science strategy.
  • The sliders are half-way log-scale; the left half of the slider allows for 0.1 - 100% of the original value, while the right half allows for 100-1000% of the original.

Duration slider

  • Contract duration can be adjusted from 10-1000%, but will only affect newly offered contracts.

Contract limit sliders

  • The maximum number of offered and active contracts of a type can be specified; any contracts beyond this amount will be rejected when the system tries to offer new contracts.
  • All Contract Configurator contracts are can only be set to allow 1 or more contracts to be offered.

Additional Settings

Allow for 0% values

  • By default the values only go down to 0.1%; there is an option to allow for nearly 0% (0.00000001%) using the Allow 0% Values toggle.
    • Using this may cause odd rounding errors and prevent further adjustments from being made to any active contracts/parameters of that type.

Alter active contracts

  • A toggle option is available to Alter Active Contracts as well as newly offered contracts.
    • Turning this on and off while adjusting values may cause problems with reward values.
    • Be default it is off; but you should stick with either turning it on, or leaving it off; don't go back and forth.

Disable toolbars

  • There is also toggle to completely Disable All Toolbars.
    • This can be used if you have set the values you want and don't need the toolbar icon taking up space.
  • Toolbars can be re-enabled by changing the disableToolbar field to True at the top of the config file.

  • If Blizzy78's Toolbar is installed you can switch between it and the stock app launcher using the Use Stock Toolbar toggle.

Reset Contract and Parameter values to default

  • Contract/Parameter amounts can be reverted to the default values set in your config file using the Reset Values button.

Save values to a global config file

  • The current values can be saved to the global config file in your GameData folder using the Save To Config button.
    • Values saved to the config file will serve as the default for current save games.
    • New save files (or save files that haven't been loaded while Contract Reward Modifier has been installed) will set all contract and parameter values using the config file settings.
  • The config file-only disableSaveSpecificValues field allows you to bypass any values set in your save files; all values stored in the save files will be deleted.
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