NMS Dismantle Core Components

License: BSD

Game Version: 1.03

Downloads: 433

Author: Koori254

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This mod was created with a HUGE amount of help from monkeyman192! He edited portions of the code and coached me through a fair bit of the rest. If you wanna check out his mods, or are interested in getting started in modding and wanna use the tools he's made, check out his page!

This mod is based on the pre-Foundation mod _MOD_DismantleCoreTech by locastan on the No Man's Sky Nexus. Sadly, that mod has not been updated, so I have taken it upon myself to make a mod that does basically the same thing.

What this mod does is allow you to dismantle the Core Components, such as the Life Support and the Launch Thruster. it also unlocks the blueprints for these core components so you can rebuild them into any slot you'd like. No more getting locked out of connecting your upgrades to the component they go to just because another component is in the way.


This mod works best on a new game! If you do not have a new game then some of the blueprints I've unlocked will not be unlocked unless you've already found them in the game. These blueprints are those for the Life Support, the Hazard Protection, and the Launch Thruster. If you add this mod to a preexisting game and remove any of these core components without having found their blueprints, you won't be able to build them again until you find their blueprints! So PLEASE be careful!


This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the DEFAULTSAVEDATA, DEFAULTSAVEDATACREATIVE, or NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE. This sadly includes any mods that alter the fuel cost of the Launch Thruster or change your starting ship or multitool. If there is a large enough demand I may look into adding these features to this mod, but for now, all it will do is what's stated above.


  • Make a MODS folder in your No Man's Sky PCBANKS folder, if you have not already, and delete the DISABLEMODS.txt file in PCBANKS. PCBANKS can be found at this file location: Steam -> steamapps -> common -> No Man's Sky -> GAMEDATA -> PCBANKS
  • Download and unzip the mod.
  • Place the _MOD.Dismantle.Core.Components.pak file in the MODS folder you created.
  • Play No Man's Sky!

Version 1.0 for No Man's Sky 1.03

Released on 2017-02-03

No changelog provided

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