PicoPort, the Micro Docking Ports for smaller craft

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

Game Version: 1.12.5

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PicoPort is a small parts mod pack which contains a set of very small Docking Ports intended for use with tiny probes.

The four parts:

  1. PicoPortBasic - This is an orientation specific, ungendered docking port. It will mate with other PicoPortBasics in only 4 positons (90 degree rotations). This is useful if you wish to use balanced RCS from porbes connecting to the mother vessel.
  2. PicoPortPlus - This is an ungendered docking port, similar to Clamp-o-Tron.
  3. PicoPortM - This is a Male PicoPort, non-orientation specific and will only dock with the femal counterpart.
  4. PicoPortF This is a Female PicoPort, non-orientation specific and will only dock with the male counterpart.
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