Recoverable Emergency Kerbal Transport

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Game Version: 1.8.1

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This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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Recoverable Emergency Kerbal Transport

This is primarly a Parts Mod to the Kerbal Space Program computer game. It features a few compact pods and some supporting fixtures desgined to prolong the life expectancy of your Kerbals should your mission suddenly be doomed to failure!

It is not finsihed yet...

Please note it is still in BETA and feedback is welcomed. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use this mod with the following mods:

IndicatorLights Landertron Raster Prop Monitor DeepFreeze

N.B. None of these are dependencies and the Mod has been designed as a standalone. Module Manager is required for the implementation of supporting mods Modules but not for REKT if operating as a standalone.

LinuxGuruGamer's RetractableLiftingSurface plugin is utilised by the OTAV parts, this comes bundled but is not required if you do not wish to use the OTAV parts.

Version 0.4.7 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1

Released on 2019-12-14

Updated for KSP 1.8


Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3

Released on 2019-09-10

    Deleted all bak files
    Updated bouyancy values so all the pods float.
Also fixed a few localization tags and added search tags (such as REKT and OTAV where appropriate).


Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-03-13

Thanks to forum user @Volatilebullfrog for finding a bunch of localization errors


Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-02-06

Fixed some localization errors. Thanks @wile1411 for pointing them out


Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-24

Updated install dir in Jenkins file


Version 0.4.6 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-23

Adoption release Updated version number & file


Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0

Released on 2017-07-05

  • Up-to-date RetractableLiftingSurface mod added.
  • KSPRescuePod patch fix.


Version 0.4.5 for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0

Released on 2017-06-23

Update to v0.4.5 - 06/2017

Fixes: - Fixed OTAV Hatch obstruction issue - Further revisions to the OTAV model aerodynamics

New: - Added Landing gear to the OTAV model using KSPWheel - KSP-AVC version file now added. Compatible with KSP-AVC/MiniAVC (if present)

Other: - OTAV Folder re-structure - Deprecated old OTAVcore and OTAVariFins - OTAVairBrake now removed (no longer supported) - Implemented Localisation - Implemented 'SHED WORX' Agency


Version 0.4.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2017-05-20

Update to v0.4.4 - 20/05/2017 Fixes: - corrected Agency config error - restructured the SHED/Parts folder splitting REKT and OTAV - revised model for OTAVcore - revised OTAV textures - Minichute scaling issue during animation

New: - Inline 12 Adapter - normal Textures added to all REKT mk1 pods.

Other: - implemented revised emergency power generator for the Cryopod


Version v0.4.3.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2017-01-18

Previous v0.4.3 released in error (incomplete) This version (v0.4.3.1) has been re-released with correct update contents for v0.4.3


Version v0.4.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2017-01-18

Update to v0.4.3 - 18/01/2017


  • minor textures tweaks

  • re-modelled the OTAV airbrake


  • RPM now supported

  • OTAV in-line dock added

  • OTAV ring dock added

  • OTAV docking clamps added


  • Indicator lights patch updated

  • Community Tech Tree patch updated

  • Deprecated the OTAV AirBrake


Version 0.4.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2016-12-28

Update to v0.4.2 - 27/12/2016 Fixes: - Correct RAMP RealChute Patch Syntaxt error (causing parachute to break).

New: - Added OTAV IVA.


Version v.04.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2016-12-23

Update to v0.4.1 - 23/12/2016 Fixes: - Implemented buoyancy update to mk1A, mk1N, freight Pod and KIS pod.

New: - Added mk1C Cryo Pod (This part requires the DeepFreeze mod to be present in order for the Cryogenics to function). - Added Probe Core - Added OTAV parts - Updated Indicator Lights Patch


Version v0.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2016-11-27

Update to v0.4 - 27/11/2016

Fixes: - corrected a texture issue with the rektMk1A - changed some of the rescale factors and moving some attachment nodes to transforms on various models. - adjusted the Module Manager patches to accommodate for the new parts.

New: - Monoprop Fuel Cell added - New KIS container added - Mini SRB added (Landertron compatible)


Version v0.3.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.1

Released on 2016-11-04

added missing 'Spaces' folder. IVA should appear now.


Version v0.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2

Released on 2016-10-30

Update to v0.3 - 30/10/2016


Stopped Kerbals sligding off the pod when on EVA. Adjusted 'door' attachment node. Removed the option to surface mount to the Inline Triple Adapter to resolve 'detaching issues'. Other minor config node and module corrections. New:

IVA's for all pods. RAMP (REKT Auxiliary Miniature Parachute) desgined specifically to resolve the stock chute clearance issue.


Version v0.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2

Released on 2016-10-26

No changelog provided


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