Mk2 Stockalike Expansion Adds a wide variety of parts for the Mk2 formfactor /mod/473/Mk2%20Stockalike%20Expansion Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.9 for Kerbal Space Program Released KSP 1.11 update

  • New Part: Mk2 cargo container

  • Mk2 adapter endcap now has internal model defined

-Fixes chine texture url issue

  • Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality

  • Adds Systemheat compatibility MM patch

  • Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle option to Rontgen NTJ

Sun, 23 May 2021 01:51:27
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes Mk2 Landing leg

-Fixes Banshee Fan door issue

-Fixes RCSAS

Mon, 17 Aug 2020 22:03:31
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released

-KSP 1.10.1 Update

-New Part: Slanted Mk2-1.25 Adapter

-Fixes decoupler crossfeed issue

-Fixes RCS Blister offset issue

-Banshee Fan doors have better clearance when open

-Part Rework: All Chines have been conglomerated into three configurable omni parts

-Old Chine parts moved to Legacy status

-New Part: Configurable Chine RCS - multivariant RCS similar to the RCS/OMS/ACS blisters

-RC/PG RCS Chine parts moved to Legacy status

-Part Rework: RCSAS. Actually included with release this time.

Tue, 11 Aug 2020 23:31:47
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.8 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Update for KSP 1.10

-VTOL engine thrusts increased

-Aerospike thrust increased slightly

-Fixes JEdgar attach node

-Fixes Nosecap RCS FX

-Part Rework: Boost-O-Tron

Sun, 12 Jul 2020 02:05:43
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.7 for Kerbal Space Program Released update for KSP 1.9

-Banshee Fans now have in-game fueltype toggle

-Rework of variant part names and descriptions.

-Part Remodel: Mallet AASRB

-Mallet AASRB mass reduced slightly

-"New" Part: Shrouded Landing Leg

-Fixes CB-C cockpit issue

-Fixes Dual-Cycle engine node positions

-RealPlume patch should be less broken now (Thanks Rodg88)

-MATTOCK smoke now correctly oriented

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 01:55:35
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes drag cubes for RCSAS, Aligned Dockingport, and Radial Mounts. These should generate much less drag now

-Fixes Sledgehammer AARE compile error

-Cockpit lights now uniform color

-Fixes R-71 cockpit IVA portraits, kerbals no longer occluded by instrument consoles

-Windowshine MM Patch now calls for TextureReplacer instead of the less up-to-date Texturereplacerreplaced

Sat, 23 Nov 2019 23:13:20
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released Update for KSP 1.8.x

-Fixes HSNC missing texture faces

-Fixes Tunapit load error

-Adds additional localization, courtesy of Sooll3

Sat, 09 Nov 2019 21:35:28
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.6 for Kerbal Space Program Released -New Part: 'Corgi' Vacuum rocket Engine

-New Part: 'Trident' Rocket Engine

-New Part: Mk2 Bicoupler

-Part Rework: ESTOC

-part Rework: MATTOCK

-HS-X IVA tweaks

-Fixes Tweakscale error on Mk2 Endcap

-Fixes TweakScale warning on Root Chines

-removes extraneous :FOR MM syntax

-Aerospike mass, thrust reduced

-ESTOC Isp reduced to 310

-Adds B9PS tank type localization

-Mk1 Chines now properly configed for FAR

-All mk2 parts now have proper crash tolerance/maxtemp/BreakingForce values

-Adds optional 4 seat lab MM parch

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 20:48:55
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes missing Aerospike fairing

-Fixes tweakscale patch. Should no longer duplicate settings

-Fixes MM syntax error with M2X_KA patch

-Fixes MM syntax error with M2X_NFE patch

-Fixes nuclear engine costs when using NFE

-Fixes Inline banshee negative collider

-Fixes B9 localization issue

-Fixes OMS Pod white texture

-Updates the USILS patch to current USILS build

-Updates Windowshine MM patch

Tue, 23 Apr 2019 18:18:22
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.4 for Kerbal Space Program Released -KSP 1.7 update -New Part: Mk2 battery bank

-Fixes missing bulkhead profiles

-Banshee Fans now transition between horiz/vert flight options

-J Edgar now has standalone variant for radial placement

-Aerospike performance refactored, slightly more thrust for slightly less ISP

-Afterburn subsonic performance buffed slightly

-X and T structural hub now have stack symmetry

-Fixes Siddeley localization error

-Fixes Aerospike smokeFX

-Fixes scaled flag for agency contracts

-Adds Whitelist for ReStock compatibility

Fri, 12 Apr 2019 22:41:59
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released -Adds missing bulkhead profiles

-Fixes Atmospheric RCS variants

Wed, 30 Jan 2019 03:27:02
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes B9PS-MFT Service Tank interaction

-Fixes radial attach on various parts

-Fixes M2X-USILS MM patch

-tweaks MFT patch, should play nicer with B9 PS now

-Adds Atmospheric RCS blister

Fri, 30 Nov 2018 23:59:31
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes B9 PS errors when MFT installed

-Fixes mesh errors on some Service bay variants

Mon, 05 Nov 2018 02:57:31
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.3 for Kerbal Space Program Released KSP 1.5 update

-Conversion to B9 PartSwitch from IFS

-Adds optional scramjet patch to reduce scramjet performance to stock scale appropriate levels.

-Part Rework: Mk2 Nosecone now has non-HRSI variant

Wed, 24 Oct 2018 22:38:18
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.2 for Kerbal Space Program Released -KSP 1.4.4 maintenance update

-Updated part Specular masks for improved TexturesUnlimited compatibility

-Boosted EngineFX particle density

-Rontgen AtmCurve tweaked

-Example craft no longer contain stock legacy parts

-Fixes Banshee/Whirligig unpiloted craft engine activation bug

Wed, 11 Jul 2018 21:17:46
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.1 for Kerbal Space Program Released KSP 1.4.X update

-Part Refactor: L/T/X Hubs lighter, now hold fuel

-Jets now have custom SFX

-Fixes LiftFan SurfaceFX

-Xenon tank mass rebalances

-Service tank now properly holds 200 Monopropellant

-update to Russian localization, credit to yalov

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 04:21:27
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.06 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes Turboprop IntakeAir use

-Fixes some localization typos

-Fixes Siddley VTOL model

-improves throttle response of prop engines

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 23:50:07
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.05 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Adds Russian Localization

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 04:53:46
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.04 for Kerbal Space Program Released KSP 1.3.1 update

-Extends atmCurves for all airbreathing engines; now correctly have higher thrust in denser atmospheres - Eve/Tellumo/etc.

-Model Rework: Afterburn

-Model Rework: Mule

-Model Rework: Vector

-Model Rework: Omni RCS/OMS blister

-Fixes Banshee Fan SFX

Fri, 13 Oct 2017 04:22:00
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.03 for Kerbal Space Program Released Fixes localization issue on the Rontgen and Hyperblast

Thu, 05 Oct 2017 04:42:47
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.8.01 for Kerbal Space Program Released ==========1.8.01==========

Fixes Sledgehammer AARE not loading


-Adds Localization framework

-Adds RealPlume-Stock compatibility

-Fixes NFE compatibility patch again

-Fixes mesh hole in HS-X Cockpit IVA

-Fixes Hypersonic cockpit hatch window emissive

-Fixes Shrouded Radiator hatch size

-Fixes Decoupler node alignment

-Fixes Spatular HSNC emissive

-Nerfed Mule Turbofan max thrust slightly

-Increased j.Edgar mass to 2.5t

-Fixed Banshee Velcurve

-Fixed G-120 Turbojet velcurve, now tapers off at high mach

-Fixed ESTOC velcurve, now tapers off at high mach

-Model Rework: CB-C cockpit

-Model Rework: Service Bay

-Model Rework: Ion Engine

-Model Rework: Adapter Intake

-Model Rework: Manta Intake

-Model Rework: Engine Shroud

-Model Rework: Aerospace Mount

-Model Rework: Banshee Fans

-Texture Rework: Airlock Endcap

-Texture Rework: Reactor

-Fixes texture edges on various parts, seams now align properly with stock Mk2 parts

-Adds Thermal Emissive to Precooler

-Adds Thermal emissive to Circular Intake

-Adds Thermal emissive/Engine FX to J.Edgar

-Servicebay Xenon/Monoprop tank amounts increased slightly

-Service Tank Monoprop tankage increased

-Service bay now has togglable interior attach nodes

-All crew holding parts now have secondary airlocks at bulkhead doors

-All cockpits now have flags

-Fixes Specular maps on all parts

Sat, 09 Sep 2017 23:53:57
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.7.35 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes Vector turbojet attach node

-fixes shrouded solar panel MaxTemp

-Fixes Chine Lift vector issue. Craft using chines will need to fix chine part orientation in the SPH/VAB

-Fixes NUK-3 reactor cooling issue

-Max level engineers no longer required for full reactor output, but engineers will provide slight boost to reactor efficiency

-Added USI compatibility MM patches courtesy of Merkov

-Fixes MM patch conflict with GTIndustries

-Fixes NFE issue with the Pluto NTR

-New Part: Mk2 Structural tube

-New custom DragCubes for a few parts, should fix drag issues

-ModelRework: R-71 cockpit, adds second seat, new IVA

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 20:53:25
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Released hotfix -Fixes mesh configuration error with Mk2 nosebay


-Update for KSP 1.2

-Part categories updated to use 1.2 categories

-New Part: Mk2 Nosecone cargobay

-Part rework: Service Tank

-Part Rework: 2-state Aerospace intake now 2-state aerospace mount

-Part Rework; Mk2 Service Bay now has Xenon/MP option

-Part Rework: Afterburn Ramjet

-Part Rework: RCSAS module, torque values tweaked

-part Rework: Aligning docking port

-Reworked Viper IVA

-Fixed Dropship cockpit IVA overlaymask clipping

-Cockpits now have internal antenna modules

-SC-TD cockpit now has Kerbnet access

-Mk2 Scilab now has kerbnet access

-Fixed reactor timewarp bug

-Fixed Docking Port Editor CtD issue

-Stationkeeper OMS pod size tweaked

-Stationkeeper OMS pod new FX

-RCS units now use new FX

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 20:02:22
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.13 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Fixes Mk2 Endcap hatch EVA hatch obstructed issue

-Model Rework: Hyperblast Scramjet

-Fixes RPM CB-C, HS-X, and SC-TD Cockpit overlay masks

-Banshee lift fans now have MM patch for alternate airbreathing mode

-Model Retexture; L-Hub

-FX Rework: Ramjet FX

-Removed Shrouded Landing Leg - broken in KSP 1.1.3, should return in 1.2 once wheels work again

Sat, 17 Sep 2016 21:42:45
Mk2 Stockalike Expansion 1.7.11 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Adds LH2 tankswitch options when Kerbal Atomics is installed

-Removed Pluto LH2 conversion when NFE is installed, LH2 conversion moved to Kerbal Atomics patch

-Minor tweaks to IFS tank switch tank values for LF on some parts

-Added IFS support for L hub part

-Buffed NUK-3 integrated radiator strength

Tue, 31 May 2016 00:15:52