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Please note that this will be the last update availble for this incarnation of PEW LordPrometheus has decided that he would like to rework every part and texture . Creating a new mod that may or not be called PEW2 For further information please visit the PEW thread linked below

Promethium Experimental Weaponry

Continuing the awesome mod created by LordPrometheus Promethium industries proudly presents the latest in conventional weaponry! Our catalog includes 38 missile weapons and unguided munitions! Place your orders today!

Promethium industries is not responsible for any damage to any persons or objects of any kind and from any source that may possibly be traced to any of the items sold by our organization. All sales are final.

Air to Air Missiles:

AIM-54 Phoenix: the AIM-54 Phoenix was a long range air to air missile utilized by the United States Navy and Airforce and carried exclusively by the F-14 tomcat which was the only aircraft that had both the agility and strength to utilize them properly. They were replaced by the shorter range AMRAAM but remain in service with the Iranian Air Force. They use the same basic body as the AGM-65 Maverick and AIM-4 falcon. This missile is Radar guided and has a very high speed and long range.

R-37 NATO Reporting name "Arrow": This very long range Russian air to air missile packs a large warhead and its modernized Radar guidance makes it a significant threat to any aircraft.

R-73 NATO Reporting name "Archer": This short range Russian air to air missile is comparable to the AIM-9 sidewinder. You will find this missile to have a shorter range than but be more maneuverable than the sidewinder. It, like the sidewinder uses Infrared Guidance.

R-77 NATO Reporting name "Adder": This medium range Russian air to air missile is a direct counterpart to the AMRAAM. This missile is a very good all around weapon and is incredibly maneuverable due to its fin design. It uses radar guidance like the AMRAAM.

AIM-26 Falcon: nuclear air to air missile Yes i said NUCLEAR AIR TO AIR MISSILE. This exits because in the early days of guided missiles the proposed target was formations of strategic bombers and since there was no truly reliable guidance and having a single weapon take down all aircraft was a valid technique. Radar Guided.

R-27 NATO Reporting Name "Alamo": a medium range heat seeking missile

R-27ERT NATO Reporting Name " Alamo-C ": a medium range heat seeking missile Texture supplied by @RGBPeter

Air to Ground Missiles

AGM-84-SLAM-ER: This medium range GPS guided air to ground missile is based off of the RGM-84 Harpoon. This missile is shorter than its ground launched counterpart due to its lack of a solid rocket booster and has a shorter range but uses the same warhead and attack method of low altitude flight to the target. It is more powerful than the AGM-65 Maverick but much slower and less agile.

AGM-109 Penguin: this cool little laser guided anti ship missile packs a punch!

KH-35 NATO Reporting name "Kayak": This subsonic anti-ship missile is of such similar role and shape to the American Harpoon missile it is known as the "Harpoonski" by U.S forces. This is a GPS guided cruise missile at its core.

Kh-29L NATO Reporting name "Kedge": This heavy Russian air to ground missile is laser guided like the AGM-65 Maverick but possesses a much heavier warhead at a proportionate loss of speed.

Kh-31P NATO Reporting name "Krypton":: this ultra cool Russian Anti-Radiation missile is very pretty in my opinion but was a pain to make

Kh-38 "NATO Reporting name not found :( : Say goodby to ground targets in a whole new way with this Heat seeking AGM.

9m120m 'Ataka' NATO Reporting name "Spiral-2": A short range Laser Guided Russian air to ground missile comparable to the AGM-114 hellfire but with a slightly smaller warhead. This is actually a fairly old missile but The version here is a modernized variant still used by the Russian army and air force. This missile also fits the Tunguska AAMT

P-800 'Oniks' NATO Reporting name "Strobile": This very long range supersonic Russian cruise missile (warning do not use at close range or launch from supersonic speeds bad things happen!) is GPS guided and very very powerful as well as hard to defend against.

Ground to Air

57E6BGM Produced by SM Armory a short range radar guided missile intended for use the the TunguskaAAMT anti aircraft turret assembly.Please observe the safety instructions on the missile in the latest low observability microfont weight saving ink

Ground to Ground Missiles

RGM-84 Harpoon: The RGM-84 harpoon is a medium range ship to ship missile powered by a turbojet and assisted by a small solid rocket booster. It flies relatively slow for a missile at around 250m/s but has a very high hit probability as it flies only a few meters above the water which allows it to more easily avoid detection and air defenses. It has a 228kg armor piercing high explosive warhead that is designed to rupture the hulls of warships and cause them to sink however it can be used against ground targets as well. It flies as a cruise missile using GPS Guidance.

M-31 Artillery missile: A medium range GPS guided Missile for all your anti ground vehicle needs.

BGM-109D Tomahawk Cruise Missile: my most frustrating weapon to make yet but i am very pleased with the end result and this GPS guided cruise missile works great. Available now in A C versions courtesy of @XOC2008 Please check details before arming

Surface to Air missiles

MIM-14 Nike Hercules Nuclear surface to air missile: The legendary missile comes to life to ensure the death of any aircraft within 1km of detonation. It is Radar Guided.

RIM-174 ERAM: This is a V-launch surface to air missile used on NATO warships for defense against aircraft and heavy missile systems. It is a bit less maneuverable than the PAC-3 but much more powerful. It is Radar guided.

RIM-162 ESSM: this radar guided missile falls somewhere between the RIM-116 and RIM-174 in terms of range and power.

RIM-116 rolling airframe missile: the RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile is a small surface to air missile utilized by the United States Navy for CIWS purposes. Often fired in pairs they are based off of the AIM-9 sidewinder however the newer versions are much easier to distinguish from the AIM-9 as they do not have a uniform width an are shorter. The missiles have a rolling airframe design meaning they rotate to create torque for yaw rather than use a dedicated control surface. They fly at high speeds but have a limited range and small warhead so more than one may be required to take down a larger or more durable target. It is IR guided.

9m311: A short range Russian SAM comparable to the RIM-116. This is used by the beast Kashtan CIWS unit and also launched from tanks and land based SAM systems. It is Radar Guided unlike the RIM-116 however.

9M96E2: This medium range Russian SAM hosts the highest kill probability of any system in existence. Don't let its smaller size fool you this missile has a 90% chance to hit any target within 120km. this compared to the 50-70% for a PAC-3 at the same range. It uses Radar Guidance.

FIM/AIM-92 Stinger: This nimble little heat seeker is fast and lightweight.


ADM-160A MALD: This small lightweight decoy is used to distract enemy weapons. it behaves like a cruise missile but does no damage on impact. GPS Guided.

Turrets: larger slower shell than the Abrams 20% increased ROF 25% lower accuracy

M3 Bradley IFV Turret: low rate of fire but deadly ( still no active launcher here, despite many attempts it's simply not going to work using the same model, and will require a new launcher and custom missiles)

T-90MS MBT Turret: Lots and lots of explosive 30x165mm rounds

Mk.19 Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher turret: SUPPRESSING FIRE!

2K22 Tunguska: ground vehicle air defense with two 30x165mm guns

TunguskaAAMT An SM Armory overhaul of the P.E.W Tunguska twin barrelled 30x165mm AA turret. In the recent overhaul the structure was reworked and 2 Quad missile pods for short range radar guided air defense have been enabled This turret uses, as per specification, the newly released 57E6E Missile. Use of other missiles may result in R.U.D and possibly a scratch or bruise, maybe two.

Phalanx CIWS: The long awaited return please don't complain about the scale this is how big it actually is!


GBU-57A: This MOP (Massive Ordnance Perpetrator) is a 15 metric ton bunker buster

BLU-82 'Daisy Cutter': The legendary Daisy cutter is a 6.8 metric ton dumb bomb with a large blast radius but surprisingly low blast strength.

GBU-53/A Small Diameter Bomb: A very small but precise GPS Guided bomb


AN/AWW-13: this is an external radar pod used by the US armed forces

Sargent Fletcher class Drop tank: pretty self explanatory.

NOTE Nuclear variants require NKD

This version also requires CAL Community ammunition Library

Version R14 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2

Released on 2017-02-06

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