Kerbal-Konstructs Kerbal Konstructs for KSP 1.2 and onwards /mod/1052/Kerbal-Konstructs Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes

new Hangar module

  • you can store vessels and the crew is recovered automatically
  • you can assign crew to stored vessels and launch them from the KSC menu.


  • statics should be less bumpy after a scene switch
  • SpaceCenters are no longer focused when they are not on the Homeword. This feature will come back when it is properbly implemented
  • The KSC FuelTank is now visible again.
  • The LaunchSites are now sorted: 1. Group 2. Name

Changes for modders

  • support for custom launchpad smoke emitters (either Unity ParticleSystem or KSPParticleEmitter)
  • GrasColor: Normal Maps are precalculated and cached unter PluginData
  • GrassColor2: Multicolor Blendmasks allow blending of up to four textures (including alpha channel and mix) ( for example: grass + concrete + (worn) white stripes + dirt roads) This is like a light version of substance painter.
  • The GrassColor2 editor supports these changes
  • GrassColor2 : Normal Maps for each Texture are precalculated and cached unter PluginData. Only NearGrass receives those from the FarGrass (which looks better that way)
  • GrassEditor: You can convert any texture to grayscale, so some are more usefull now.
  • AnimateOnSunrise: Rewrote it to be less error prone.
  • AdvancedTextures: you can define the color of a mesh with the _Color parameter

  • Variant switching: allow transform names with whitespace in the middle

  • PadSmoke: allow transform names with whitespace in the middle
  • AdvancedTextures: allow transform names with whitespace in the middle
  • PadSmoke: You can select your smoke type
  • exports are now written as ,zip files and no longer as .tar
Sun, 15 Dec 2019 09:24:05
Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released GamePlay
  • Hidden bases are now discovered, when you come closer than 5000m. After that you can see them in the Map and LaunchSite Selection list.
  • Added a toggle in the GameSettings, so you can unhide hidden bases
  • Buildings with colored grass got thier grass textures non-repeating tiled. This makes them a bit nicer to look at.


  • Port to KSP 1.8.X: Older Releases are not working anymore
  • GroupCenter: Fixed the orientation of bases, so they don't end up turned
  • Fixed some performance issues, that where intoduced several releases ago
  • Fixed some error in PQS Surface color calculations.

for Modders

  • Colors are now automatically converted to the new Grass-color format.
  • new GrassColor editor with new features. (Blend masks, texture blending)
  • new Color presets
  • You can define favorites for your own textures, so you can select them in the GrassColorEditor
  • This mod can now load and apply custom shaders. If you need something special, please let me know.
  • Statics are no longer colored, when the grass editor is open, so you can really see what you get
  • you can change the way how the grasscolor is sampled in the game settings.
Sun, 10 Nov 2019 18:10:41
Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Bugfixes:
  • Fix the compatibility between Kerbal Konstructs and the Stage Recovery mod
  • removed the exception when using the Making History Launch menu. (no more three clicks needed)
  • tried to fix some issues with destroyed launchsites, so they are no longer useable for launching.


  • you can now close launchsites that cost 0 credits (for better filtering)
  • you can open and close launchsites in non-career games (for better filtering)
Wed, 16 Oct 2019 18:47:57
Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Try to fix the loading order issues of KK and CustomPrelaunchChecks

Mon, 26 Aug 2019 18:10:57
Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released fixed the Custom Prelaunch Checks

Sun, 25 Aug 2019 10:34:24
Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • externalize some functions into a seperate mod.
  • some cleanups.
  • recompile against KSP 1.7.3
  • ]]>
    Thu, 22 Aug 2019 17:53:19
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Bugfixes]]> Fri, 31 May 2019 20:37:08 Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Fixes broken LaunchSites

    Sat, 11 May 2019 20:03:21
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes
    • rework the spawn and despawn logic once more: now all buildings are only spawned when they are within the visiblility range. they are despawned when going out of range and not only disabled. This should reduce the memory consumpion of setups with many statics.
    • Anomalies will no longer show up with <name>_PQS on the SCANSat scanners

    mostly for modders

    • groups are saved by thier coodinates and not some magic vector.
    • group use in thier config now a "heading from north" for thier rotations and no longer a internal rotation value.
    • editor: you can enter some of the values of the groupeditor directly
    • editor: Selecting the same group two times in a row will no longer lose the focus of the camera.
    • editor the exports are now written in directories with the timestamp.
    Sun, 05 May 2019 17:03:32
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released changes
    • API for building spanwed event
    • BugFix: Make Kerbals on EVA Float
    • BugFix: less crashes on missing .mu ending of 3d model definitions.
    • use lat and lng for GroupCenters instead of a reference vector. this should fix some issues with rescaling.
    • added a switch to launchsites to toggle the behavior where a vessel ls placed on launch (on the topmost collider (default KSP) or at the spawnpoint)
    • added two new community textures by damonvv
    Wed, 10 Apr 2019 18:43:20
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes

    for Players

    • fixed AnimateOnSunrise static module. (switches day/night cycle)

    for Modders

    • Added new community textures by Damon
    • added texture tileing option in the Advanced Texture StaticModule
    • made impact resistence configurable ind model config
    • fix a spelling error in the model variant config
    • added a button in the editor that exports all bases (sorted by group) as .tar files into the KerbalKonstructs\ExportedInstances folder (use winrar or 7-zip) this makes sharing of your own creations a lot easier.
    Wed, 06 Feb 2019 20:51:06
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • new Icon in the menu bar
  • added a universal Launchpoint static
  • fixed the bugs that where related to anomalies
  • filtered the dynamic career groups from the statics-editor.
  • ]]>
    Fri, 25 Jan 2019 12:59:06
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released bugfix of the latest release (Kerbin-Side Remastered and GPP)

    Wed, 23 Jan 2019 09:42:43
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released editor: make the Squad anomalies visible again

    Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:31:45
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Fix a crash when ResearchBodies is installed.

    Tue, 22 Jan 2019 09:31:34
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes
    • The LaunchSites in the KSP LaunchSite selector are now sorted: 1. KSC 2. Alphabetical order of all KK Launch sites 3. M.H. Launch sites. (the second part is now what is getting sorted. the overall order is nothing I can change.
    • Renaming a launch site in the KK-editor will no longer produce exceptions in other parts of the mod and will propagate properly into the game.
    • fixed an exception when a launchsite is no longer existing withing a saved game.
    Sun, 20 Jan 2019 21:28:04
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes
    • Remove orphaned RemoteTech GroundStations when RT support is enabled. This was only be a problem, when you edit GroundStation within a savegame.
    • added 7 Builtin GroupCenters, that are hard linked to POI in Kerbin. KSC, KSC2, Island Airfield, Pyramids, Desert LS, Woomerang LS.
    • Fixed the GrassColor editor.
    • Fixed a problem with the AnimateOnSunRise module (Buildings should turn off the lights more reliable)
    • more verbose error messages in the AnimateOnSunRise module. This sould help modders with setting up thier buildings
    Sun, 20 Jan 2019 12:53:33
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:
    • Less crashing when a PQSMapDecal Map is missing
    • use the active Vessels physics Settings for calculation of the loading range of buildings: fixes: #130
    • minimal improvements of loading time on scene switches
    Wed, 09 Jan 2019 20:53:31
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes for players:
    • career games: display the right recovery percentege on the screen.
    • don't reveal hidden bases on the map view
    • enforcement of vessel size, part count and weight for custom launchsites.
    • some suprprise that is fitting for the end of the year.

    changes for modders:

    • you can define enforcement of vessel size, part count and weight for custom launchsites. 0 equals unlimited
    • you can define variants of your buildings and they are switchable in the editor.

    general improvements

    • dynamic spawning of buildings, when you are near the physical loading range. this will save memory, for unused bases.
    • Despawn of buildings, when you are out of range.
    Mon, 17 Dec 2018 14:16:26
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • Fixed the round KSC fuel tank static
  • ]]>
    Wed, 14 Nov 2018 23:30:00
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released for players
    • you can now create waypoints to the LaunchSites on the mapview
    • fixed some annoying bugs, that prevented sometimes the launch of vessels
    • the spacecenter camera can focus on bases that are not on the Homeworld.
    • tried to implement some material sharing, so statics can be drawn in batches.
    • The camera in the spacecenter scene should now produce less graphic errors
    • the KK launchsite-selector in the editor shows launchsite type.

    for modders

    • increased the accuracy of movement of statics
    Wed, 14 Nov 2018 22:29:27
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released ## For modders * new GroupCenter objects. These are the center of a group and define everything * new config file format: now everything is relative to a GroupCenter * group editing: You can move and clone an entire group of statics * automatic group assignment of newly created statics * new editor gizmo support for object movement * you can switch the reference system in the editor with the "F" key * Improved GrasColor support. (predefined colors, texture replacement) * added AnimateOnTrigger StaticModule

    For all

    • better support for Sigma Dimensions. As soon statics are loaded with the new config format, everything will stay in place.
    • speeded up the loading of Kerbin-Side Remastered statics (20x faster)
    • general prformance improvements
    • automatic conversion of old configs to new format
    • Statics should now always load outside the VesselLoading range. (try to fix multiplayer and physic-range altering┬ámods)
    • fixed some bugs regarding the MH-Expansion LaunchSite Selector. (still not 100% Bug-Free)
    Mon, 05 Nov 2018 23:17:15
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    • Stock Squad buildings now have lower energy bills. (they turn off thier lights during the day)
    • KK building now behave in the SC view and you can no longer click through active GUI windows
    • Added SurfaceWater support for statics
    • added support for material switching (in the AdvancedTexture Static Module)
    • the launchsite selector no longer crashes if you deleted the config of the last used launchsite.
    • Fixes a spelling error in the DishAnimate module (some old configs might break, please update your configs. Its now RotationTransform and not RotationTrasform (missing "n")
    • Fixes a Bug in the PQS Editor. Now the NewInstances Directory is created when savong a PQSMod
    • Made the MobileLaunchPad and Desert Airfield usable as LaunchSites
    • Added the Desert Airfield Statics into the Statics Database as seperate objects
    Tue, 07 Aug 2018 08:30:57
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released This is the release as from 03.May 2018 for KSP 1.3.1

    Changes: * Added LaunchPad Smoke effects * Warp to next morning is nor a bit later on Kopernikus planets * Added KSC2 support * fix: KSC building wrecks are now back again * removed statics for Kerbin-Side rematered * fix sound support for animations

    Thu, 03 May 2018 20:00:09
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released More Bugfixes * Rocket LaunchSites might had a bug in the latest release: * AutoKouse module does not throu an exception anymore

    Wed, 21 Mar 2018 22:57:43
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • fix crash in the launchsite editor
  • ]]>
    Tue, 20 Mar 2018 21:40:21
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released 19.3.2018

    **For players * BugFix: The last LaunchSite used should not be resetted all the time * BugFix: KCT is annoying: repairing it made some bugs visible in the code. * BugFix: Default LaunchSies are now set correctly * NGS should now work correctly * The SpaceCenter view will now show the last LaunchSite used. (you can switch this off in the configs) * Most facilities will bring you to the correspondig SC facility scenses when clicked from the SpaceCenter overview. * You can have the Keribin-Side and Stock CommNet GroundStations at the same time (config switch in the settings) You don't need to restart KSP to change that behavior * Landing Guides reworkd to be more useful and less annoying

    For modders * LaunchSites are now fully usable after placing them. No need to restart KSP to test them. * reworked the AutoKourse Static Module. The digit meshes are freely configuable and you can adjust the heading offset. * Added a PAPI StaticModule (for Eskandare) * KK will redeploy all statics after a GameDatabase reload. (this will Reset your Facilities, so handle with care) * Added a DishAnimate Static Module for easy animation of antennas. (They are controlled by the same module as the stock antennas) * LaunchSite editor: You can define the initial angle of the SpaceCenter camera (clockwise from the LaunchSite forward vector) * BugFix:The Category Search is now woking again in the models overview * the AdvancedTexture Modules allows multiple meshes in a comma seperated list * the AdvancedTexture caches the builtin textures for faster loading. * AdvancedTexture Module: Addes a BuiltinIndex = <int>, so you can refer to diffrent textures with the same name.

    Internal * changed internal LaunchSite handling. (for easier KSP1.4 migration) + BugFix: no more errors in the logfile, when placing Squads buildings.

    Mon, 19 Mar 2018 22:04:04
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • Bugfix: Small error in the mapdecaleditor
  • BugFix: #66 Fic KTC integration & better player position detection
  • ]]>
    Fri, 09 Mar 2018 09:04:04
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released fix the LaunchSite selector windows in the SPH

    Thu, 08 Mar 2018 11:41:19
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    For players * Fixed the facility dublications in the inflight facility manager * Some windows generate less memory garbage and should render faster * Added a new Merchant facility type. You can trade all defined resources here. * FuelTanks are converted to the new Merchant Facility * Added a new Storage Facility Type. You can place and retrieve all your resources there * Reworked Vessel Recovery: All Open LaunchSites have the same recovery range and factor as the KSC. If you are closer than 2500m to a base you get 100% refund. As balancing all LaunchSiterefunds have been removed, as it didn't make any sense. The old recovery could have lead to situations that recovery at a remote base was worse than at the KSC. Also fixed the display of the recovery window. * (experimental )KerbalKonstructs should work better with SigmaDimensions, as now the altitude for most objects is saved in height above terrain. (floating objects at the water surface should stay there.

    For modders * Objects can be now moved and edited outside the visiblility range of the object. * StaticModules have now an attribute staticInstance which is automaticly updated when the module is attached to an Static Object. * Support for placing and editig PQSMod_MapDecals * Added Support to load custom MapDecal image maps (examples in the MapDecalMaps folder) * added some helper vectors to visualize the mapdecals area of effect * Added a GradColor static module, that will adjust the color or the named meshes to the color of the underground. (and set a new gras texture) * You can use builtin Textures with the BUILDIN:/ prefex. (currently used in the GrasColor Module and the AdvancedTexture Module) * Added AdvanedTexture StaticModule for replacing textures and shaders on a Static. * Added AnimateOnSunRise StaticModule (created by @Li0n-0 ) * All KSP Assets now come with the GrasColor Module preinstalled

    Internal * complete rework of the LaunchSiteManager and the LaunchSiteSelector GUI. It should render faster and has 300 less lines of Code. It is also better to read.

    Thu, 08 Mar 2018 00:33:27
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released version file updated

    Sat, 10 Feb 2018 20:51:13
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    • Set the default behavior of the CommNet and RemoteTech support to false.
    • Fixed the facility editor
    • removed unneccesary the calls to the staticModuleUpdate when a object is selected.
    • made the the KerbalKonstricts.UI.StaticsEditorGUI.isOpen() function public, so it can be queried from other mods.
    • Fixed the snap2target and copy/paste position of objects.
    • removed some orphaned code from the editor.
    • small peformace improvements to the statics editor
    • Fixed the offices and research facilities. They now prodoce about 5 science and 5000 credits per kerbal and year, so they are now slightly usefull.
    Sat, 10 Feb 2018 20:37:35
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released recompile for KSP 1.3.1

    Sat, 07 Oct 2017 19:40:43
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Big Changes:
    • New NavUtils Addon by Whale_2: Runways can now create thier own config so they show up in NavUtils. Kerbin-Side will be updated later to make use of it.
    • The persistence handling changed once again, so all LaunchSites and facilities are closed again, but should now stay open for all players, once they are opened again. please use alt+f12 to refund your closed bases.

    Changes for players:

    • the settings for KK are now migrated to KSP settings system
    • Try to implement a bugfix for the loading problem of facility states, that plaques some players.
    • All windows of KK are now only loaded, when they are accessed for the first time. this should save some RAM
    • BugFix: an empty configuration without any additional runways will no longer crash KSP. This should fix some issues RSS & GPP users had. (
    • Recovery of vessels near a KK base should now result in a proper refund of credits. (BugFix for KSP 1.3) (

    Changes for modders:

    • you can select where the config files for newly placed static go (GameData/NewInstances or GameData/KerbalKonstrucs/NewInstances)
    • You can now switch to the old editor camera mode (in the KK settings). Please don't do this while the KK editor window is open.
    • Models can now use custom shaders. (new setting: useShader = "Name of the Shader") (untested)
    • KK will load and use all shaders, that are in .KSP asset bundles.
    • BugFix: Setting the group from the statics window will no longer delete all objects in range.
    • BugFix: Editor: The Snap to Terrain button now does what it should do.
    • BugFix: The Squad KSC models should now produce less errors when loaded, after new instances are placed by KK
    • BugFix: Squad anomalies will now show up more than only once after an restart of KSP
    • BugFix: Make launchSiteEditor work again. (
    Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:01:49
    Kerbal-Konstructs 1.1.0 for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • added more Squad models (KSC wrecks and animalies) to the preloaded model editor lists
  • ]]>
    Sat, 10 Jun 2017 18:22:54
    Kerbal-Konstructs 1.0.0b for Kerbal Space Program Released updated .version file

    Sat, 03 Jun 2017 23:14:33
    Kerbal-Konstructs 1.0 for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes for Players
    • CommNet GroundStations should have the same range as RemoteTech stations
    • BugFix: GroundStation (all types) will now be opened up corretly on non career games
    • BugFix: GroundStations are displayed on the map on non career games.
    • New button for filtering WaterLaunches in the TrackingStation (&map)
    • new filter button for WaterLaunches in LaunchSiteSelector (in SHP)
    • BugFix: Removed some errors, when no RemoteTech is installed.
    • KK now saves everything into the persisence.sfs. This als fixes some load errors, when the SaveFolder is not found.
    • KK now has per savegame settings. Now CommNet and RT support can be enabled/disabled for different savegames and is not set only once.
    • the open/close state of facilities is no longer carried over to new games.

    Changes for Modders

    • Editor: pressing save on the Instance Editor will only save the curren instance and not all Files. No longer a few seconds hanging system
    • Facility Editor: the "Save" button will close the window
    • Facility Editor: BugFix: now has the current values loaded, when opened
    • Facility Editor: You can no define the default open state of a facility.
    • BugFix: KK will now load even when there are no placed model on a planet (hello to all RSS users)
    • Statics no longer need to be in one of the Groups (KSCUprades or KSCRace) to be visible from the SpaceCenter Scene. All Statics and Groups near enought are now seen.
    • BugFix: Repaired errors in LaunchSiteEditor, when no LaunchSite was previous set.
    • BugFix: Deleting an static with an LaunchSite removes also the LaunchSite references.
    • When saving a new object, its facilities are set to "Closed". (an OpenCost of 0 is allways open)
    • Editor: The "Select an object with the Mouse Key" was changed from "left-shift" to "Tab"
    • Editor: the heading can now be adjusted a bit more granually
    • Editor: The Static List now includes the "number of instances of the same model in the group"
    • New ConfigFile Format: KK will convert all legacy cfg.files to the new format and remove unused settings. Documentation is here:
    • Editor: Object will no longer be saved, when closing the window (X button)
    • KK sets the PQS Object name to something parsable.

    Internal Changes:

    • Code cleanup
    • compile fixes for KSP 1.3
    • replaced the Config-Parser. The new one is a bit faster on load.
    • reworked internal basae classes. This should improve the framerate a bit.
    • more errors will now show up at compile time and not when running... this should result in less bugs.
    • created the foundation for more interesting features.
    Sat, 03 Jun 2017 17:55:20
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released
  • Fixed framerate Issues introduced in last release
  • FlagDecal Module should work on multiple flags per object
  • ]]>
    Thu, 04 May 2017 20:21:06
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes for Players:
    • CommNet Support: All Antennas are the same strength as the KSC ones
    • RemoteTech Support: The antennas have the Ranges as displayed on the map. You need to enable the Support each of the setting in the KK mod settings (accessable from the spacecenter menue) For best gameplay experience, use the latest Kerbin-Side packages (GroundControl or complete)
    • a new KerbalKonstruct Mission Flag by SpannerMonkey
    • less memory garbage creation during gameplay. --> better performance.

    Changes for Modders:

    • added dynamic runway markings by whale_2. The model kourseXX will display the corresponding runway number according to its heading.
    • Added new StaticModule: "FlagDecal" This is basicly the same module as for Parts. It sets a texture of a Model to th actual flag.
    • SpannerMonkey contributed a new BillBoard Model, which displays your current MissionFlag
    • Added the KSC facility models to the list of placeable models.
    • "isScanable" flag for instances: These objects will show up in anomaly scanners as marks. (setable in the editor)
    • hidden flag for Launchsites: Closed Launchsites are not shown in map or launchsite selector when marked "hidden". You need to go there first and open them
    • When the KK-editor is open, you can select (most) statics under the mousepointer by pressing the "left shift" key.

    boring stuff

    • New persistence Layer for savegames
    Tue, 02 May 2017 21:42:24
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    • Launchsites: KK will add the KSC to the correct position, if the Homeplanet is altered. also KK will not crash when the home is not named Kerbin.
    • cfg loader: configfiles for unknown bodies are no longer crashing KK.
    Mon, 12 Dec 2016 22:07:38
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    new statics: added runway markings by whale_2. Thank you!
    new placed objects are written to: GameData\KerbalKonstructs\NewInstances[modelname]-instances.cfg
    editor: finer increments when editing objects.
    editor: used relative directions instead of altering some vectors.
    editor: added reference vectors
    editor: orientation uses reference vectors
    editor: added scaling of objects
    editor: facilities are now editable for placed objects
    editor: fixed editing of Kerbin-Side statics
    cfg file loader: "RadialPosition" can be recalculated, when missing, from RefLatitude/RefLongitude
    all: enabled some more debug output.
    Thu, 08 Dec 2016 23:06:26
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    • fixed loading of the kosmodrome mod.
    • added a "set Launchsite" Button to the launchsite selector, because I searched always there for one.
    • map: can show waterlaunch sites (toggled via the "other" category)
    • editor: added a waterlaunch category to the launchsite editor
    • editor: added set increment buttons to the statics editor
    Mon, 21 Nov 2016 23:39:33
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Changes:

    • Much faster startup.
    • KSC(Launchpad&Runway) is now selectable in MapView (again?)
    • A bit more verbose message, when you are out of range of an fuel tank
    • Camera is now resetting after a facitity was selected and the window is closed.
    • Recovering of vessels is now fixed. (Also StageRecovery is working again since last release)
    Sun, 20 Nov 2016 00:00:00
    Kerbal-Konstructs for Kerbal Space Program Released Thu, 10 Nov 2016 13:10:20